A concentrated collection of games and things I've made alone or on a team, for work, for school, and for fun.

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What’s That in Bananas?

What’s That in Bananas? is an AR app that helps you understand what you’re worth. In bananas. Or dollars, diamonds, sneakers, 17th-century Dutch tulips, followers, bars of gold, and more.

You tell it how much you’ve spent on bottled water recently, and it shows you just what that many single-use plastic bottles look like. Or how much weed that money could buy you in New Jersey.

Bananas puts value into perspective.

I lead the design, development and production of the app, which you can download here! or use the much more fun link,


David Bowie is

As an archivist, photographer, project manager, video editor, rights clearer, and developer I helped create an AR adaptation of the globe-touring David Bowie is museum exhibition alongside my colleagues at Planeta and the wonderful teams at the David Bowie Archive and Sony Music Japan. It probably comes as no surprise that working so close with Bowie’s art was fabulous and humbling.

The app, made for both iOS and Android, features every item from the physical exhibition, plus a few exclusives from our friends at the David Bowie Archive. For reference that’s over 400 items, including dozens of costumes that we scanned, photographed, and modeled–with help from our friends at WOMP–to create 3D models of the outfits and objects. In the Spring of 2019 it won a Webby. It’s gorgeous and you should check it out.

Download here
Digital | January, 2019

Jimi Stine's Zapper

Jimi Stine's Zapper is a self-proclaimed post-postmodern video game. It's about ego, art, and the arcade. 

On its face, Jimi Stine’s Zapper is a clone of the arcade game Tapper, with a designer’s name plastered across the title. After a few brief moments of play, that same designer chimes in via voice-over, taking delight in your assumed surprise, and launches into a monologue about his own incredible brilliance.

Shortly thereafter the game breaks. The glitches, hiccups, and crashes that follow reveal the narrator to be incredibly fragile, and the more he attempts to save face and fix the game, the worse things become. Soon other members of the design team step in to help, eroding the game and the relationships surrounding it, until everything explodes at the seams.

Play here
Digital | May 2018


The Hall of Available Samples

The Hall of Available Samples is a museum of free 3D assets. Showcasing the work of dozens of creators from across the Internet, the hall is based on the Hall of African Mammals in New York's American Museum of Natural History, except now there's a lot more pizza.

The hall was originally created for a level design final at NYU, taught by the one-and-only Robert Yang. Not only that, but it was a team effort! My co-architect here was Michael Dellapi, whose incredible levity and sense of humor throughout the construction of the hall was what got us through the dark times of everything being broken and generally horrible. Made in the Unreal Engine.

More info and download here.
Digital | Spring 2018


Chalkitoomee is a competitive outdoor drawing game featuring sidewalk chalk and super-soakers to recreate and erase player drawn pictures. I designed it along with my partner for Brooklyn’s annual Come Out and Play festival hosted in DUMBO.

Watching people enjoy something I’ve designed or worked on is my favorite part about making games, and designing a field game has always been on my game design bucket list. I can’t thank the folks at Come Out and Play enough!

Download rules here
Outdoor | July 2019


Mochi Men

"Mochi Men" is a digital, two player game about risk-taking, trust, communication, and making tasty tasty mochi.  

Designed alongside 3 classmates for a class on narrative design in games, I pitched the game and functioned as the creative lead on the project.  In addition I wrote it, implemented our dialogue system, designed the UI, and handled the sound design. 

Play here
Digital | May 2017

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 1.02.09 PM.png

The Pilot

"The Pilot" is a Twine adventure in verse and prose written with my friend Kasrah Ghobadi for a classics seminar on fate and free will in the epic tradition.  We turned in this instead of going to our final exam, and thank the fates our professor loved it. I hope you do too!

This "epic" is about a lot of things, but starts in WWI and ends in near-future New York City, so hold onto your butts.
Will run in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. 

Download and play here
Digital | May 2017


A narrative tabletop game for 2-5 players, “Hinkaku” puts one player in the role of up-and-coming sumo wrestler Kisenosato who must overcome obstacles in and outside the ring. Honor, roleplaying, and decision making are the fundamentals of the game, where it goes from there is up to the players.

Download rules and board
Print and play  |  February 2017

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.39.40 AM.png

The Vexing Sexing

A case mod for Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, "The Vexing Sexing" puts player's powers of deduction to the test.  What begins as a seemingly innocuous case of love letters gone too far quickly escalates to encompass murder, crime rings, and innuendo galore!

Download case and materials
Print and Play  |  March 2017

Love Me?

"Love Me?" is a visual poem/conversation built in processing about confusion, depression, and other fun emotions.

Watch here
Digital  |  February 2017

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.05.53 PM.png


"Headspace" is a Twine game about the way we experience the world in various states of mind.  It's also an interactive adaptation of a short story I wrote a few years ago that no one will ever read.  Unless they give me ice cream and ask politely.
Will run in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Download and play here
Digital | March 2017