Hinkaku is a game of honor.

Designed for a class at the NYU Game Center on Narrative Design, Hinkaku is based on the ascension of the sumo wrestler Kisenosato to the rank of grandmaster, or yokozuna.  Players can choose to embody one or more of five separate roles, each of which have their own place in the story of Kisenosato: The Reporter, The Stablemaster, The Parent, The Fellow Rikishi, and Kisenosato himself.  After wrestling in the ring to move up the ranks, Kisenosato is faced with a weekly discussion that impacts one or more of these characters directly.  What the outcome of that decision will be, and how the characters react to it, along with success in the ring, will determine if Kisenosato becomes the wrestler he's always dreamed of becoming.

Download the rules and game boards here.